Originally Lynn was a graphic designer, her own health problems were not being resolved which brought her to look for alternative help. Having discovered that a complete change of diet and lifestyle banished her crippling back pain, endometriosis, digestive problems, allergies and much more, she wanted to find out why nutrition turned out to be the answer where the medical route had failed her. Lynn was determined to learn more to be able to help others.

Lynn qualified in 2003 at the prestigious London Institute for Optimum Nutrition with Dip ION. Lynn is a fully insured Nutritional Therapist, Member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners fNTP and is registered with The General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapists. Lynn regularly attends cutting-edge professional seminars for Continuing Professional Development.

Lynn’s particular interest is in Men’s and Women’s health through every age and in particular re-energising clients with Chronic Exhaustive Conditions by combining Nutritional Therapy with Wellbeing Coaching. 

Lynn offers a step-by-step programme to help support sufferers of M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia on your journey to regain physical and emotional health and well-being following The Chrysalis Effect programme. 

Lynn investigates toxic overload, chronic illnesses and auto-immune conditions. She looks for chemical and heavy metal toxicity together with radiation poisoning, parasitic, bacterial, viral infections and advises on safe ways to detoxify and improve health. 

Lynn advises on mental health topics, stress, depression, allergy advice, digestive disorders and men’s and women’s hormonal advice, nutritional support for diseases such as Parkinson’s (trained by Lucille Leader), Alzheimer’s, thyroiditis, cancers, endometriosis, PCOS, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart conditions, eye health and much more.

Following Functional Medicine and Naturopathic guidelines is key to avoiding debilitating symptoms and diseases for your future good health. Lynn looks for the reasons you became unwell and gives you guidance to help your body repair and feel great again at any age.

Lynn is a qualified Foresight pre-conceptual care fertility therapist and advises on safe methods to promote natural fertility for couples. Foresight Charity has helped thousands of women produce healthy babies, with an 89%* success rate for healthy babies even for mature couples when Foresight programme is followed.*References available.

There is life beyond illness – take the first step and learn how lifestyle medicine can help you rebuild your energy levels and your life.