What happens at your consultation?

You will receive a questionnaire asking about your family health history, your health history, medications, your health problems, symptoms, your lifestyle, environment, your dietary preferences, supplements and you will be required to give a detailed two day food diary. 

At your first consultation Lynn will talk through your questionnaire with you and explain what are the likely causes of your problems.There are likely to be changes to make to your present regimen. We find out what will be easy to change and what are your priorities. Lynn may suggest tests and possibly nutritional supplements if appropriate, these would be at additional cost.

You will receive a written list of lifestyle changes you should make, foods you should be eating, foods to avoid, recipes if appropriate, plus advice sheets to explain any conditions you may need help with.

A first follow-up is usually 2-4 weeks later and then every 4 weeks or so as required to monitor changes. 

You will also get email and phone support between appointments to help you. Most people only need 2 or 3 appointments to see positive changes and then maybe an annual MOT which can be over the phone. For long-term conditions such as ME/CFS Fibromyalgia, Lynn will help you build a longer term programme to follow a complete recovery. Costs are kept appropriate to your budget. 


Hair Mineral tests, Hair DNA tests, DNA Saliva tests, Vitamin D Blood tests, Mineral Status Blood tests, Food Allergy Blood tests, Helicobacter Pylori, Candida, Parasitology and Stool Digestive Health tests, Hormone Saliva and Urine tests, Adrenal and Thyroid Profile tests, Homocysteine Blood tests and many more.


A one and a half hour face to face first consultation costs £90.

Follow-up consultations are £60 for three-quarters of an hour. 

Discounts for concessions, please ask. 

If you are unable to travel, local home visits may be possible. Skype or FaceTime consultations can also be arranged. 

Prices current at January 2018.