Don’t wait until you catch a cold or flu, you need to be 100% fit for any future events. Most of us are not iron-men spending hours in the gym. What you do now will pay dividends in the coming months. Invest in yourself, be active, fast-walk or even better power walk instead of getting in the car, spend as much time in green areas to breathe in as much oxygen as possible – (weather permitting).

Avoid washing your hands with soaps that contain triclosan. This is a carcinogenic chemical that can kill human cells along with bacteria. It’s put into just about all commercial, public authority and hospital soaps these days. Much better to avoid bacterial infections with a healthy immune system and wash with chemical-free soap from a health store.

Stock up now on the following 10 foods and supplements. They are mostly inexpensive and easily obtainable but have the potential to keep you and your family from developing serious health problems and killer diseases.


  • Vitamin D3 – from sunlight action on our skin but you may need to supplement in the darker months. Without D3 our immune cells weaken and are unable to fight infections. Low D3 levels also affect blood sugar levels, hormone balance and calcium absorption. With pollution dimming sunlight levels over the whole globe, it’s no wonder whole populations are showing poor immunity from infections, skin and skeletal problems with cancer rates rising. You should ask your doctor for your levels to be tested, or contact an NHS laboratory at City Hospital Birmingham 0121 507 4278 for a single test for £29 and contact me with your result and I can advise the dosage you should be taking.
  • Vitamin C ­– Humans have no mechanism to store this vitamin, your body needs replenishing every six hours or so, otherwise our arteries and organs are vulnerable to damage. Sick people require high levels of vitamin C – in small regular doses up to bowel tolerance, if diarrhoea happens then cut back the dose. 600 mg – 3 g daily (depending on bodyweight and stress levels), along with supportive intakes of Vitamin E (600 – 1,000 IU). Any cooked meal has no vitamin C content as heating destroys vitamin C. Ascorbic acid or preferably the ascorbate salts (calcium, sodium or magnesium ascorbate) should be taken with bioflavonoids in divided doses throughout the day with a healthy, alkalising, raw diet to boost and maintain plasma levels. (Seek your doctor’s advice if you are taking medication particularly iron as ferrous sulphate.)
  • Colloidal silver – kills Norovirus and Swine Flu and has been proven in four different clinical studies to cure MRSA infections. Colloidal silver is known to be successful against 650 different diseases including septicemia, blood poisoning, viral, fungal and bacterial pneumonia. Some hospitals apparently use this in their water supplies to prevent Legionnaires’ disease, and as an alternative to antibiotics to treat infected newborn’s eyes to prevent blindness. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-infection and completely safe without side effects. (Unfortunately because it is not a recognized pharmaceutical medication you will find many allopathic websites that are likely to tell you Colloidal Silver is dangerous and has side effects such as turning you blue, however it is easily made and cannot be patented so there is no profit for these companies. Please do your own research and make up your own mind.)
  • Elderberry is an old folk remedy for flu. Sambucol an Elderberry extract is 99% effective against avian flu, has no side effects and can be safely given to children. Other brightly coloured and dark coloured berry fruit extracts – Bilberry extract, Black cherry extract (Morello) give similar boosts to the immune system.
  • Garlic – Allicin, a component of garlic, is a natural weapon against infection, the research reported in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy revealed allicin disables dysentery-causing amoebas.
    AlliTech capsules containing 100% stabilized Allicin from are advertised as “nature’s powerful antibiotic, anti-parasites, anti-viral, anti-fungal and immune booster with no side-effects reported during over 10 years of use”. These work equally well on dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.
    Used for MRSA infections – 52 patients at University Hospital, London UK all recovered fully from long term MRSA after taking Allicin.
  • Antioxidant Vitamins and Minerals – A, C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, zinc, pycnogenols, lipoic acid, bioflavonoids, anthocyanidins all work to detoxify ‘free radicals’. You will find them in brightly coloured foods. Eat a colourful plateful of food with red, orange, purples, yellow, bright green foods, preferably raw. Lots of fruits and vegetables, organic if you can get them. Don’t neglect white cauliflower which is great raw and contains vitamin K which works with vitamin D to boost immunity. A professional food-state multi-vitamin and mineral from your health food store will give a background foundation of healthy nutrients, and you can add an antioxidant formula for additional immunity.
  • Manuka Honey together with Cinnamon powder (best non-toxic source is probably Sri Lanka). Take one tablespoon of manuka honey or a good single hive honey and mix with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Take daily for three days to clear sinuses and diminish coughs and colds.
  • Echinacea – strengthens your immune system by stimulating T-cell production. It helps reduce your recovery time from colds and flu. It protects healthy cells from invasion by bacteria and viruses. It’s a powerful topical disinfectant and can keep cuts from becoming infected.
  • Lemons – contain citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, and limonene that help promote immunity and fight infection alongside many less well-known applications. Lemon juice protects against a variety of poisons by stimulating the liver’s detoxification system. Helps prevent urinary tract infections and colic pain. Marinate meat, fish and seafood in lemon juice to kill bacteria and avoid gut infections. Gargle with lemon juice to relieve throat infections and for diphtheria. Some people have intolerances to citrus fruits and should take care, although lemons are the least allergenic of the citrus fruits.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – mixed with water makes a soothing antiseptic gargle for sore throats and also helps sinus drainage. Antibiotic properties can help soothe intestinal spasms and diarrhea. It also has antiviral and antifungal properties against candida infections. Use diluted to reduce sunburn but avoid using around the eyes. Helps you maintain a healthy alkaline state and avoid acidic diseases when taken regularly but always dilute it to avoid tooth damage.

Remember, natural products have no side effects when used with proper advice, unlike many licenced pharmaceutical medicines and over-the-counter products prescribed to make billions of dollars. Follow the instructions with your chosen product but please contact me if you need advice for safe dosage levels for your personal circumstances.

Do some independent research if you are considering being vaccinated against any disease. Your doctor may not be aware of the full list of side effects and cautions for the young, elderly, people with immune disorders and pregnant women so you need to read the full pack notes from the manufacturer before you agree. See (What Doctors Don’t Tell You) for independent information on vaccines.

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